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2016 Casino All Breeds Bull Sale Entries

Casino All Breeds Bull Sale Results

                                  Introducing Barana Lancelot - New Stud Sire





Breeding Objectives:

Tullayr Simmentals was founded on Wondenia genetics when females were sourced back in 2001. Today a small but progressive herd is developing with additions from Monreid and Langton Gate dispersal sales.

Tullayr aims to produce functional cattle suitable for the Australian commercial cattle industry. This means that cows must rear a calf annually whilst being run under commercial conditions. Structural conformation forms the basis for retention within the breeding herd, as sound feet, leg and udder structure will lead to longevity within the cow herd.

Bulls are produced with the commercial cattleman in mind; easy doing, structurally sound, moderately framed bulls that exhibit superior carcass yield qualities that the breed is renowned for. Fertility and docility are also closely considered when selecting young bulls to be retained as entire males.